59 second time lapse video of Variaxe

 This is a 58 second time lapse video of the original prototype of our Variaxe Skimming System from over five years ago while the first patent was still pending.  Most  all components on the current version are of high quality precision machined and water jet cut materials including aircraft aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. 

Variaxe Testimonial Auto Manufacturing Co.

 Kevin is one of our customers,  describing a Real  Coolant Solutions the Variaxe Skimming System.  I am laughing in this video because it is not rehearsed.  I met him just a couple of months before.  He was skeptical at that time, and I did not blame him.  Seeing is believing, as Kevin has learned.  This progress shows particulate in the bottom of the clear pail, plus a lot of tramp oil.  This amount of collection represents just a little more than a few hours of time.